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Superintendent Ll. Cdr. (SCC) Ccoff Shaw 1 S.C.T.C.
National Boating Station - R.Y.A. Approved Newry Beach, Holyhead, Anglesey.
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Hon, Secretary Ivan Hayward
T.S. Ganges Support Group
To. HMS Ganges Association Commitee
From. Ivan Hayward

I8th Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of the Support Group will be held at
TS Ganges on Sat 9th June 2007 commencing at 1100.

9. A.O.B.
Any resignations or nominations should be notified to the secretary A.S. A.P.


S.C.T.C.  National Boating Station - R.Y.A. Approved
Newry Beach, Holyhead, Anglesey, North Wales, LL65 1YB ' 01

17th Annual  General Meeting    10th June 2006

Meeting commenced 11-00
Members attending;  Chairman Dave Poyser, Secretary & Treasurer Ivan Hayward,
Committee members; M  Poyser, D Mellors, D Scrimshire, Kate Balfour, Mr & Mrs D&D Percival,
Mr & Mrs M & C Randle,Mr &Mrs E & R Crouch, Mr & Mrs I & M Shaw, Ms B, Barrass, Janet Waddington (Padre) T.S. P.O.Wales, Ltcdr (SCC) Geoff Shaw RNR, Boat Station Principal  T.S.Gange
President Lt Stuart Wallace RNR
Apologies ;Mr Alan Marshall

 The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming all to the meeting, especially our president Lt Stuart Wallace, the Chairman remarked what a great and glorious week the cadets had had and hoped the good weather carries for the next week, the cadets appeared to have had a great time last night , and remarked how the cadets can join the unit not knowing anyone, but leave after a week the best of friends, and waving good bye with tear in either eye, lots of awards and remarked that we seem to be getting it right .the Chair went onto  state that the reunion  at Scarborough is fully booked and that we have to look for a larger venue , the reunion committee will look around for a suitable venue in Scarborough, we had one hotel in mind but it may to big we will have to see.

Any matters arising; the new bus is now at the unit , this was supplied by the Family of Mike Hallett with a payment from the Support group. The Chair then asked for a moment of silence for Joe Hawkwood who has sadly passed away , Joe was responsible for organising Mikes funeral , we are thinking of putting a plaque on Mikes bench, there is to be a repair to be done on the bench ,one of the slatts has cracked.                              No other matters arising ;, signed as a true record.

Secretaries report; Ivan Hayward,gave a report stated that over the years we have come a long long way, we are at a stage were the hard work put in by the staff have built a solid foundation, from a committee point of view we get very few problems, last few years it has been very smooth, with unlike the early years , the superintendent and his staff do a wonderful job, particularly Ltcdr Shaw who does a great job managing the place, we should give Geof and his staff a vote of thanks , Dave Percival said he would contact the people  who made the bench if they could do the repair, the sponsor weeks have gone very well , 36cadets this week and 34 next week, although we would prefer an average of 30 cadets per week, however it normally evens itself out and we don’t usually refuse anyone,

Treasurer report; Support group fund; a copy of the statement was pass around, the income over the last year was £11152-66  the Scarborough proceeds last year raised £1003-00 all those that attended were to be thanked for their generosity, donations side had done well £1173 –00 sale of slops also .Expenditure side payment of last years sponsor week was of course the biggest expense the memorial bench cost £352-50, gave T.S. Ganges, £1500.-00 which paid towards the the new galley floor and the mini-buis £174-00 for the Cap tallies
Plus the investment account  holds £ of 8-6-05, this leaves a balance of £5194-25, less the cost of trophies and expenses from the secretary No expenses claim from the committee, the treasurers statement was approved proposed by Ivor Shaw seconded by Kate Shawthe treasurer was thanked for his work.

Up date on T.S.Ganges: Ltcdr Geof Shaw, firstly Geof  thanked all for the help in acquiring the mini bus it running  well,he used the toll road, Stuart Wallace remarked that if had a full Naval I.D.Card , which is shortly to come in to the corp, it wouldn’t have cost him anything on a duty trip, the old landrover is still running but on its last legs,and we are looking for another replacement , the galley floor has been replaced plus the dining room plus a new food servery, we are looking to redo the floors in the rest of the building including showers , bookings are looking very good  we have been promised two new  lazer sailing craft by headquarters. Geof thanked us all for the support , there is some work to be done on the roof ,                          and  there is good  cooperation with the Prince of Wales. Geof and his Staff was thanked for their work.
Nominations of the committee, as no one has asked to stand down, and no one has asked to join the committee, the committee was voted on enbloc by approval of all attending.

AOB. Stuart,Wallace, said that as this was his first full year of involvement he stated that the boating station was a credit to the Corp, He stated that  a Ltcdr Christine Bradford RNR, and is now involved in the MSSC and he hopes to get her down next year.
He wish to bring up dates for the Maritime festival, Dave Percival asked if he could get some enlargements done on some of his photos, Stuart said he had a contact that could do them .Chair asked about the dates for the festival they are 19th and 20 th August, Chair said that Chris Woods the 1stLt of the John Jerwood the SCC training power boat,  would be in during the festival.
The Chair wondered if we could raise funds to send the best cadet of two weeks next year on the boat as a prize the cost is about £270-00, if needed we could travel to the cadets unit to present the prize, as this is just an idea it needed looking into further over the next 12 months. We can kick it off at the festival. If you are attending please let us know so we get some accommodation addresses for you.
The padre of P.O.W, Janet Waddington, said how nice to see Geof at the inspection of  POW,  it is nice to have the rapport with the two units, working in harmony, and that POW is using the boats of the Boating Station more and more, the new C/O was working in Harmony with Geof.
The meeting closed at 1140, all the committee and supporters retired to the dining room for lunch.



Superintendent Ll. Cdr. (SCC) Ccoff Shaw 1 S.C.T.C.
National Boating Station - R.Y.A. Approved Newry Beach, Holyhead, Anglesey.
LL.65 1YB 01407 763666 Register to.306141

To. All Support Group Members
From. Hon. Secretary - Ivan Hayward
12th May 2007

TS Ganges Itinerary Sponsor Weeks 2006

Saturday 2nd June First week cadets arrive and settle in ready to start training with capsize drill on
Sunday. Monday - Friday course work and practical training on the water,
Friday 8th June 1845 Venue Conservative Club Holyhead First Week Presentations & end of
course disco. All guests requested to arrive no later than 1845. The President will arrive at 1900. A
buffet will be available on completion of the presentations.

Saturday 9th June after Breakfast first week cadets depart
1100 TS Ganges Annual General Meeting at TS Ganges, all interested parties are invited to attend.
Tot & Lunch will be available on completion. TS Ganges open to visitors, during the afternoon the
second week cadets arrive and settle in ready to start training with capsize drill on Sunday. Monday
- Friday course work and practical training on the water.
Friday 15th June 1845 Venue Conservative Club Holyhead Second Week Presentations & end of
course disco. All guest requested to arrive no later than 1845. Presentations will start at 1900. A
buffet will be available on completion.
Saturday 16th June after Breakfast second week cadets depart.
I will be in Holyhead from Friday Ist June until Sunday 10th June; during this period I can be
contacted on my mobile.
No doubt some of you will be aware of the upheaval within the Ganges Association after the last A.G.M. at Pakefieid. I would like to take this opportunity to allay any concerns that some of you may have regarding the liaison between us. Although it is very upsetting for all members of the association we have a lot of loyal supporters within them who will continue to support us come what may. The Scarborough fund raising weekend in October shows this. 110 booked to date most of them Ganges Association Members, In the short term I am sure the association will sort its problems out, meanwhile in the long term its business as usua lfor the Support Group,
On a brighter note, Scarborough weekend and TS Ganges now have a web site, set up FOR Martin Randle, by his son Tony, and grandson Brandon. They are eagerly awaiting your contributions i.e.. photos and information, so log onto - I am sure this will be a very useful tool in keeping people informed of past & present events. Well done the Randle's.

Military Covenant ( Sent in by Dave Killelay)

It just the same when our governments fail
Whether in Iraq or Pashendale

Lack of equipment or armoured jeep
A review of support, Words are cheap

Inquest held within our shores
Don’t make a fuss, it’s behind closed doors

A short inquest, let time pass
Kick the issue into long grass

No air conditioning or medical staff
Run out of tablets are they having a laugh?

Jet lagged, given gun poorly maintained
Then sent off, to the firing range

Lack of sleep, but in good health
Can’t be fate that he shot himself

Land rovers blown up on roads dark and pitted
We have an electronic device, but of course it’s not fitted.

Ten men lost, no longer to come home
Because they lacked, explosion-suppressant foam

Systemic failure in the chain of command'
Is this why our men die? In a hot foreign land

 David Killelay